Phonics Games for Fun Learning – Free Printable Book

“Play gives children a chance to practice what they are learning.” ~ Mr. Rogers

Phonics Games for Fun Learning Free Book Cover

About this Free Phonics & Reading Games Book

In this book I have created six phonics games and two reading games for various ages of children. They start with Pre Kindergarten (Pre K) alphabet games and extend to reading in late Primary levels. The games are quite adaptable for different skills such as reviewing consonant sounds and discriminating long and short vowels. Making sentences, using words your child is studying at school, would help to reinforce any weaknesses. Using these games to practice sight words or spelling words, is another option, since those words are sometimes difficult for students to remember or to spell.

Some of the games could also be applied to word families, digraphs and blends, which may be a higher level of skill. Depending of the simplicity or complexity of the words used, the difficulty of the sentences can be changed to suit almost any level of learning by a student.

It is suggested that a parent read through the games and decide which game they want to use on a particular skill that their child is currently learning. They can then change the words to suit their situation and still reinforce their child’s skill.

Make It Interesting

It is said that a person needs three exposures to an idea or concept for it to be accepted into their mind. With this statement, we know we want to present about three different ways and times to show the child what we want them to learn. By presenting the idea in different ways, it becomes more interesting and more easily accepted, by the child.

You can make the games more interesting for your child if you know, for example, that your son likes Star Wars or your daughter likes Little Kitty. Then by adding those characters to the game board or stickers to the board, it seems to turn it into something more imaginative and fun to play. You can change the name of the game into something like “Help Han Solo & Chewbacca Fight the Empire”, then continue with the game in that vein. Or maybe Han Solo or Chewie need to know a word starting with the sound of “r” to magically light up his sword.

Although these are games meant to be fun activities, they are also intended to reinforce certain skills which I have highlighted with each game. Playing with a partner, friend or parent I encourage a bit of competition between players. I’d also suggest a “treat” for the winner.

This is Book 1, but you can look forward to my next books on Phonics Games and Reading Comprehension Games. I’m writing these now and they’ll be available on Amazon soon.


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