Ask Mrs T Questions About your Child

“It’s okay to not know, it’s not okay to not try.” ~ Author Unknown

Before I can answer any questions to solve your child’s reading or your teaching dilemma, I’ll need to know a few things about where you and your child are, with respect to your joint learning curve.

Phonics and reading are my specialty in the primary grades, but the skills also apply to middle school children so I would gladly help children at that level as well.

How It Works – Simple Two Step Process

At the bottom of this page you will find a payment link, and a form to fill out. Please follow the instructions when filling out the form and answer the questions as completely and as truthfully as you can. If you don’t know, simply put a ? or say “Not sure”. All of the questions are necessary for me to fully comprehend your situation.

Step 1.

Fill out the questionnaire below. When you click “submit” it comes straight to my inbox and will take some time to read it and think about it. For each question please answer yes, no or not sure. I may call you for clarification.

Step 2.

Please make your payment through PayPal. The fee is only $20 but this is only for a limited time. I will be as thorough as I can be in my response, offering suggestions, advice and possibly some books or activities that I feel may help.





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